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XCXSound is a tool that makes it easier to use custom music in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Runs on Windows and Linux (OSX should work, but it’s untested).

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Version 0.4 link

Version 0.3 link

Version 0.2 link

Version 0.1 link

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How to use link

Extracting and opening link

  • On Windows: Unzip the archive, right-click xcxsound.exe, and hit Run as Administrator.

  • On Linux: You’ll have to get it from source. Download the zip from Darcs Hub or clone the source yourself via darcs get Make sure you have Python 3.4+, PySide, and Wine installed, then run python3

Setting up XCXSound link

The top-left field of the XCXSound window allows you to set the directory where the music files will be stored. This does not go on your SD card; it goes on your main hard drive! In most cases, the default is fine, so you can ignore this option.

Set the Game ID dropdown to your game’s region. Note that I’ve only tested XCXSound with the US region. After this, click the Load button.

Editing the songs link

Select the song you want to change and click Edit Song. There are several options at this point:

  • Reset - Remove any modifications to the song.

  • Cancel - Do nothing.

  • No music - No music will be played.

  • Custom song - Select an audio file to use. XCXSound uses FFmpeg, which means that a wide variety of music formats are supported, including .mp3, .wav, .flac, .ogg, .m4a, .acc, and more. Once you select the audio file to convert, XCXSound will automatically convert it to the proper format and loop it if necessary. Note that there is a catch when replacing the ambush music: if the song is under 30 seconds long, it will be padded with silence until it reaches 30 seconds in length. Fix? Just pick a longer song for the ambush music!!!

After this, you will be shown another dialog that lets you change the volume of the music. Positive values increase the volume by the corresponding percentage, and negative values decrease it. If you don’t want to change the volume at all, click Don’t Change.

Connecting the Wii U to the computer link

On your computer link

  • Make note of your IP address on the bottom-ride of XCXSound.

  • Click Start Cafiine inside XCXSound. This will start up the Cafiine server. If the Windows firewall pops up and says it blocked Cafiine, make sure you select both check boxes, then hit Allow access.

On the Wii U link

  • Open up the web browser and navigate to

  • Select Cafiine + Kernel from the drop-down menu and hit Submit.

  • Once you end up back at the main menu, return to the internet browser. After this, you should end up with a screen on the Wii U gamepad gamepad asking you to enter an IP address. Use the D-pad to enter the IP address you saw in XCXSound earlier, then hit the A button. Open up Xenoblade X and enjoy the custom music!

Removing the flight music link

This feature is still in testing!! Please read this section fully before attempting to use it.

XCXSound can automatically try to replace the flight music with the normal continent music, but there are some gotchas involved. In order to enable this, just check the No flight music checkbox before hitting Start Cafiine. Note the following:

  • This restarts the continent theme.

  • If you cross a continent boundary, or the time changes between day and night, you need to land your skell, wait a second or so for the correct music to load, and then take off again.

  • If you fast-travel, wait a few seconds before taking off flying to make sure the new music gets loaded.

  • This will erase any previous flight music mods that you’ve done.

  • After you’re done with Cafiine, make sure you select the flight music in XCXSound and hit Edit songReset.

If you follow these directions carefully, it should work well!

Resetting your mods link

If you want to reset all your music mods, use the Reset all mods button.

Changelog link

Version 0.4 link

  • Add the ability to change the volume of songs.

  • Add support for changing the overdrive theme (issue #3).

  • Fix some audio glitches when a song would loop.

  • Avoid spawning unnecessary cmd.exe windows on Windows.

Version 0.3 link

  • Add the ability to automatically remove flight music!!! Many thanks to GameFAQs user hshamsedin546 for helping make this possible! (I don’t have a flight module yet, so they tested out all the changes, reported what was wrong, etc.)

  • Changed the behavior of Restore a backup to not remove current mods.

Version 0.2 link

  • Add the ability to replace 14 more songs.

  • Fix ambush music from glitching if under 30 seconds in length.

  • Fix MONOX not playing (#1).

  • Add the No music option.

  • Add backup and restore.

Version 0.1 link

Initial version.